Become a stronger, faster runner!
Minimalist running shoes...
Run Light, Fast, Injury Free!
Imagine how good you'll feel running in a light, barely there, minimalist shoe!
Minimalist Running Shoes...

Run Faster! Without those heavy shoes slowing you down, you can unleash your natural stride and speed!

Become a More Efficient Runner! With a more natural running form

Avoid Injuries! By improving your natural strength and flexibility

Enjoy Running More — NATURALLY!

With a minimalist shoe, you’ll “feel” the run like never before and your body will respond with a more natural, comfortable stride. But before you jump into those new shoes, you’ll need a plan.

Trust the editors of Runner's World to show you the minimalist way!
Everything you need to make a successful transition to a minimalist shoe

If you’re used to running in conventional running shoes, you can’t just jump into a minimalist shoe.
Your body likely has some areas of weakness from relying on extra cushioning to ease the impact of the road. If you make too drastic a change too quickly, you could end up injured.

That’s why the editors of Runner’s World have developed a plan: The Runner’s World Complete Guide to Minimalism and Barefoot Running. This comprehensive book will give you everything you need to make a successful transition to a minimalist shoe.

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Discover how to:

Find the perfect minimalist shoe for you! Look for these 7 marks for weight, height, and more. PAGE 74

Improve your running form! Pay attention to these key points to reduce your risk of injury and become more efficient. PAGE 20

Go minimalist — These 5 simple tests of flexibility, balance, and range of motion will help you discover the best shoe and transition program for you. PAGE 95

Stay flexible and strong! Follow these exercises to keep your body in perfect minimalist running shape. PAGE 139

With The Runner’s World Complete Guide to Minimalism and Barefoot Running, you’ll understand why running shoes evolved the way they did … the positives and negatives of a minimalist approach … how to avoid common minimalist running injuries … the future of minimalist shoes … and much more!

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