Greg Diamond
You can become a stronger runner too — with The Runner's World Complete Guide to Minimalism and Barefoot Running.

Greg Diamond is a great example of a longtime runner who’s worked the principles of minimalism into an established, successful running program.

Today, in his mid-50s, he’s running faster on an age-graded basis than he did 15 years ago. A few years ago, he was the New York Road Runners Runner of the Year in the 50-to-54 age group.

Greg credits part of his recent success to running more in less shoe, supplemented by small doses of barefoot running.

“It just sounded right to me,” he says. “I believe that we have weakened our feet with footwear.”

I ran a half-marathon in the Mizuno Wave Universe with no soreness at all. I remember running a half-marathon in a shoe twice as heavy at 41 and barely walking away from it. It is so amazing to me that I can run all these hard miles in 3.5-ounce shoes with no cushioning.”

As Greg made the transition to minimalist shoes, he saw big benefits: “I realized how strong my feet were becoming, how I was switching to forefoot/midfoot strike even in regular shoes, how this was translating into less lower-leg soreness in races. Now my major motivation is to keep my feet strong and my stride healthy as I get older.”

Read his whole story on PAGE 126 of The Runner’s World Complete Guide to Minimalism and Barefoot Running. Then start your own transition — to become a stronger, faster, happier runner!

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Camille Herron...from stress fractures to a healthy minimalist marathoner with a new PR of 2:37!

“If you keep getting hurt, it could be your shoes, especially if you have a lot of foot injuries, Achilles problems, plantar problems.”

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Brandon Wood...found the minimalist shoe that works for him!

“My initial motivation was injury prevention, and that’s pretty much what continues to drive this decision for me. If running in minimal shoes hadn’t helped me stay injury free through four marathons, I would be looking at other solutions.”

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Shoshanna Cohen...learned valuable lessons for other runners to follow.

“I had thought that pure barefoot-style, zero-drop shoes were the only way to go. But now I am realizing that, for some people, transitioning can take a really long time. I also see the value in switching between several different
types of shoes.”

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